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Kangaroos and koalas are the best-known of Australia's many fascinating native animals. Both are survivors from a long time ago, when Australia was much wetter than it's today (the climate became drier and eucalyptus took the place of much of the rainforest).

Kangaroos, which had been browsers eating leaves and herbs, adapted to eating grass. Kangaroos (and wallabies) are macropods,which have strong hind legs and long feet. When they move slowly they use all four legs and their long tails as well, and when they move at speed, they rise on their hindlegs and hop.

The Koala, like kangaroos, is a marsupial, whose single young one is born tiny, naked and blind. It climbs into its mother's pouch and completes its development there. Koalas have short bodiesand long arms and legs. They sleep 19 hours a day, and spend the rest of the time eating eucalyptus leaves.

Koala Map of Australia